PURICA Equine Recovery Success Stories from Horse Owners and Veterinarians

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“You cannot convince a horse that it will get better;
either it works or it does not.”

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Dr. Michael Colgan Recommendation

I am happy to recommend your Recovery Product to all horse breeders.

We used Recovery, and continue to do so, on one of our valuable brood mares who was sick to the point of being down. The vet was recommending that she would only become worse, and that she be put down.With the Recovery plus several dietary changes, we were able to save her, and she is now, six months later, in prime condition, and is being ridden almost daily.

Seeing the result happening with our horse and being a biochemist myself, therefore knowledgeable about your ingredients, I started to use the Recovery for my own busted shoulder that had turned severely arthritic. After a couple of months, I was able to taper off my pain medication but have continued the Recovery. It is now four months later and I have not had to take a single pain pill.

There are numerous supplements out there that have similar ingredients to yours. But you seem to have put them together in the right proportions and the right way to be the most effective we have ever used with our horses. And I can attest that Recovery has, at least in my case, turned around arthritis so severe that the specialist’s opinion was that only a shoulder replacement could stop the pain. Thanks so much.

Dr. Michael Colgan PhD Biochemistry
Internationally Acclaimed Author and
Consultant to the Natural Health Industry
and Professional Athletes

Severe Ringbone healed

I am just writing to say thank you for your product. I have an older arab/quater horse cross mare named Angel who developed sever ringbone in both front legs. It was painful for her to move at all. Two vets told me that I should just put her down, as she could never be ridden again and would be in chronic pain for the rest of her life. Distraught and desparate for one last attempt to help my mare I decided to try Recovery EQ after reading about it in a magazine. With in a month she was considerably better, actually walking without a limp. It has now been a year and she is almost as good as she was before her injury! She is happy and healthy, she can gallop and keep up with her friends, and all with no pain! We have even started trail riding again. It is truly amazing, this product saved my horse’s life! Thank you!

Lindsay Abercrombie, Goleta, CA


I own an amazing jet black registered quarter horse gelding Magnum.

Magnum has always worked very hard physically, whether it was chasing cow, barrel racing, pole bending or heavy bush riding. For the past 3 years he’s been the lead horse for the cowgirl way drill team, the repetition training in sand finished him.

His knees and hocks blew up with arthritis, swelling with fluid bulbs on his legs.

By May 01, 2006 he could barely walk.I was going through bottles of rubbing alcohol to keep the swelling down in his legs, as well as using bute.

The panic was on, we had a 5 day pro-rodeo (I.P.E.) at the end of August 2006.Magnum (we) had to perform the grand entry for the 5 nights of the rodeo, plus 2 drill team demos per day, plus be able to pole bend and barrel race for the fair.I was sick with worry, Magnum could barely walk yet perform.

Peter Carson got us started on Recovery EQ in June 2006.

Keep in mind Magnum could not roll, scratch or hardly move!

By the 2nd week of July 06, Magnum had no more swelling, heat or fluid bulbs in his legs.Magnum was rolling, reaching, stretching his back legs out and scratching his head.Three days after the progression, magnum was full out running, bucking and rearing out in his field.

We went to the rodeo at the end of August 06 for 5 days.His performance was amazing, we performed the grand entry with the most awesome pride.We performed our drill team demos to rocking music and we (Magnum) enjoyed every step pain free.

We also barrel raced 16.5 sec, pole bending 22.8 sec and the key hole race and won money in everyone.YAH!!!

I gave Peter the biggest hug of thanks.

Magnum is still doing well, he is now taking Recovery EQ HA (a joint lubrication formula) which really seems to be doing even better in his joints.Again thank-you BioMedica for coming out with Recovery EQ with the HA.

I now don’t have to ‘inject” magnums joints with H.A., he just gets it in his Recovery powder pain free, no more needles.

I now sell the Recovery EQ and Recovery EQ HA, through my tack store.

I give BioMedica and Peter Carson the most heart filled thank-you for saving my Magnum

Tammy Sillo & Magnum Armstrong, BC

Puncture wound

I had about lost hope for my daughter’s horse when she injured herself out in her pasture.She managed to get a puncture wound on the pastern of her right front leg.Damaging her tendon and resulting in a very lame horse.

I had the vet out and she said it was the worst possible place.We got her on antibiotics and I changed that bandage daily as well as iced her leg and did everything the vet recommended. Weeks went by with little to no improvement.After two months she remained severely lame and my vet started talking about having her put down as she was not responding to treatment.Something in Boogie’s eyes told me she was not ready to give up and this being my 10 year old daughters first horse I was having a hard time excepting she would not heal.

That’s when I decided to try one last thing, Recovery EQ. After ONE week I started to see slight improvement and every week after that!NOW its been 5 weeks and Boogie is walking like she never had anything wrong at all!!!!! I am so happy and thrilled with your product!I just ordered the new improved Recovery with HA and plan to keep Boogie on it for life. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany from California

Healing after serious fence injury

My 9 month old colt Zip had a terrible fence injury and I began supplementing Recovery EQ. Here are the final photos. The first two photos are two weeks after the original injury, in which the stitches did not hold. The most dramatic photos are the two middle photos #3 and #4; these are the photos taken after just ONE WEEK OF RECOVERY EQ. What a difference; you can see the edges turning back and the swelling going down…AMAZING!!! The last photos are the final photos in which the hair is still coming back so my vet said it would take another 6 months or so for the scar tissue to remodel and the muscle to rebuild but he is sound and back in the winners circle. I personally would like to thank you for making such a fine product. I work for my vet and I now recommend your product to our clients and at all the shows I attend. Thanks again for your help. It has been a long 13 weeks but WELL WORTH IT ALL.

Becky Hansen,
Kaufman, Texas

Suzy Pettman

“I have tried many of the joint supplements currently on the market and always wondered if they were doing anything for my horses. Since starting Recovery EQ, I don’t have to wonder. My horses have never looked or felt as great. If you want to feel the difference, I highly recommend Recovery EQ.”

Suzy Pettman Elliott,
Team Canada

Gold Medal Champion – Team Canada 2001

(Nation’s Cup – New Jersey)

SR Cotton Candy is a 12-year-old mare with all the creeks that come with age. I was extremely worried about keeping her sound throughout the training and long trip to New Jersey.

Recovery-eq got us through the Veterinary exam and gave Cody the confidence to push her to the limit in competition. I am not the only member of team Canada using Recovery-eq!

Sherry Menard (owner SR Cotton Candy), AB

Severe Navicular

I am here to sing your praises and tell you that your Recovery EQ product is the best! Our retired Quarter horse has navicular and has had to retire from jumping. He is 18 years old and also has a tear in the ligament that runs down over the shoulder into his front leg. After being seen for terrible laminitis, the vet clinic suggested looking into stem cell for his tear, which would help his lameness problem. We realize that he would never be 100% sound and that we would have to come to terms with him being our lawn ornament.

After looking in the Smart Pak catalog, my daughter wanted to try some “new” supplements (He has been on all of them!) and even though I was hesitant, not wanting her to get her hopes up too high that he would ever be “sound and fine” again, I gave in and she started him on Recovery EQ. The vet came out for another horse about 6 weeks later and she too wasn’t sure if a new regimen of supplements would work, she asked what did we do with Curt? He is about 85 -90% sound! I really can’t believe the difference, nor could the vet. I say it is because of the Recovery EQ. I am sold on the product and I recommend it every time I can.

Nicole Haring
Winsome Blue Farm, Furlong, PA

Severe Chronic Lameness – 27 Yr Old

Tony, a blue roan Peruvian Paso, was foaled in 1977. When Tony first came to live with us in August of 2000, he was very stiff and sore. He hated to move, even walking was a chore. Tony had (and still has) lots of visible pathology. He has high ring bone in one front foot, a severe sacroiliac sprain, underrun heels and strange-looking hind hooves (we later learned he has a negative plane P-3 on his hind feet). He came with a back so sore that he could not even extend his right hind foot backwards to have his hoof trimmed. Tony never rested his left hind foot.

We started physical rehabilitation the day Tony first came to live with us. He was immediately placed on a highly-rated joint supplement that did seem to help a little. After about a year, we began hearing stories from friends about how good Equine Recovery was. Tony changed joint supplements. Within a week, Tony began to improve. He changed so fast that it was hard to believe our eyes. He began traveling more–going up and down the hills with the other horses. He began walking farther before he stopped to rest. One day we noticed he was starting to rest his left hind foot–something this horse hadn’t done in years.

Our pasture is on a hill–the toe of a mountain, actually. Prior to switching to Recovery, Tony would only walk 10 feet or so down the hill, rest, then walk a few more feet. It was painful to watch. Three months after starting Recovery, we caught Tony galloping down the hill with the other horses.

Gene Ovnicek and his Natural Balance trim also came into Tony’s life about this time. We learned that Tony needed a lower heel on the foot with the high ringbone in order for him to be more comfortable. We learned how to deal with the negative plane P-3. Now this little guy can be seen cantering up the hills and occassionally bucking and rearing as he celebrates his new life. Tony has the world by the tail now. He gets Equine Recovery twice a day and gets his feet trimmed monthly. In return, Tony mows our lawn, trims the edges, and takes visiting children for rides around his kingdom. It is a fair trade for all.

Update June 26, 2009

Five years later, at 32 years old Tony is still doing great!

Linda Alldredge
Cataldo, ID

Severe Back Problems

I felt the need to take a moment and write to you about your product, Recovery EQ. I have a young dressage horse in very hard work. He is 7 and ready to start the season at Prix St. Georges. Last year, Zhivago competed at Third and Fourth Level, fielding 2 USDF National awards. “Doc” also placed third in the FEI Young Horse Nationals as a 6-yr old and was second in the North American Breeders’ Futurity at Devon. He always draws a crowd because of his small size (barely 16.0h) but impressive star appeal. At the Nationals, he had a little fan club that dubbed him “Tiny Mighty.”

With all this hard work, Doc suffers tremendous back problems. I was forced to constantly have my saddle adjusted for even minor changes. My veterinarian would perform chiropractic and acupuncture every 2-3 months as well as receiving routine massage from a certified equine massage therapist. Sometimes, I needed to use Robaxin and Naproxen in order to break through

his discomfort. I use lambswool pads and Sore No More at all times. Despite all this, Doc was cheerful and worked like a star.

When Smartpak offered RecoveryEQ, I thought I would switch to your product from the other products I have tried in the past. The change in my horse’s back is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Normally, I need to massage spasms out of his back before and after each ride. 2 weeks into maintenance doses of your product, and the spasms are GONE!!!!! He’s like a new horse. THANK-YOU!!!! If you need a spokesperson (or better yet, want to sponsor a really nice up and coming dressage star) please let me know.

Thank-you again for you superior product.


Jamie Fell, USA

Navicular syndrome and Stifle injury

I have a 17-year-old horse that has struggled with Navicular and a stifle injury for over three years. I have tried everything with little or no results.

After speaking to a pharmaceutical representative of another drug company, I decided to try Recovery-eq. In less than four weeks, my horse was moving as if it never had a problem. Recovery-eq gave me my horse back. I have never seen anything like it !

Dr. Marjorie Patterson DVM, Ontario

Lameness in Aging School Horses

We had been using high dose glucosmine and MSM products on three aging school horses that have had chronic and consistent problems with lameness; the results had been noticeable, however not very significant.

We recently started using Recovery-EQ instead of other products. Within a few weeks of using Recovery-EQ, we noticed significant improvements in every horse; they are now all sound and preexisting breathing conditions have also shown dramatic improvements. We are very impressed with what Recovery-EQ has done for our horses.

Susan Harrison (Level 2 instructor), Queen Margaret’s School, BC

Arthritis and an Aging horse

I recommended Recovery-eq to a client for their very arthritic older horse who had suffered chronic lameness for years with little help from common drug therapies.

After three weeks on Recovery-eq, the horse acts young again. We are very impressed!

Bob Merh BSc. Pharmacist, BC

Professional Trainer’s Success

A few years ago I discovered the benefits of this remarkable product, not only for horses but for myself as well on the pharmacy product for humans. Shortly after beginning a daily regimine, my back and neck pain disappeared.

The equine benefits have included a decrease in the need for joint injections and sounder horses. As a horse trainer, I recommend Recovery-eq to all my clients.

Sandra Morgan, BC

Arthritis and Breathing problems

I have been using Recovery-eq for close to three years now and I recommend it to everyone. I started using Recovery-eq for my asthmatic and arthritic horse; he showed drastic improvement in three weeks. His asthma is virtually gone and a chiropractor said she has seen less mobility in 10 year old horses than she sees in my 27 year old Arab.

Ethel Cain, BC

Back Pain and Fatigue

During the last two years, I have found that using Recovery-eq has dramatically improved my horse’s joints, hooves and coat. Before Recovery-eq, my horse showed obvious signs of back pain, awkward stride and low energy.

My horse, Swa Mystyk Warrior, is a 16 year-old Arabian. He has always been very willing in his ability to show and tries very hard in his performance classes, however, I was aware that he was “not himself” and was attempting to let me know. My Veterinarian, Dr. Dugan, put my horse on Recovery-eq and said that I would notice positive changes within a short time.

Sure enough, after a few weeks on Recovery-eq I noticed dramatic changes; his stiffness disappeared, his energy level is back to normal and he has shown a marked improvement in his show performances.

Since being on Recovery-eq, my horse has won many awards, such as receiving his Legion of Honor and winning his Region 5 First Level Dressage. My trainer, Terrie Hook, and I are very impressed with Recovery-eq. We have tried many products and it is obvious that Recovery-eq is leaps and bounds ahead of its time.

Vickie McMaken, Roy, Washington

Arthritis and Listlessness/Fatigue

Our daughter’s Gelding, who has been in the family for years, is very old and has been very arthritic and listless.

After being on Recovery-eq for just a few weeks, he was running around and actually quite ornery. We laugh when we go over to visit because whenever her horse sees someone coming, he picks up his grain bucket and follows you around with his special grain-Recovery-eq treat.

Ruth Elwess, Bend, Oregon

Hock stiffness and Pediosteolytis

I have a twelve-year-old Quarter Horse, Phantom of the Opera, who has been a Champion Cutting horse for the last 8 years. Recognized as one of the quickest Cutting horses on the circuit, he has always had a snap to him and can cut every cow in the field. Just this last year he has developed pedal osteitis that requires the use of pads on his feet. He has had a lot of stiffness in his hocks and has had constant difficulty breaking-off to the right.

Within two weeks of using Recovery-eq, all of his stiffness had disappeared and his feet have actually changed their form. Our Vet is amazed at his recovery. He has been trouble-free in all competitive shows this season.

Now we plan to give Recovery-eq to one of our brood mares, as others have found Recovery-eq to be very effective keeping their brood mares in top condition during pregnancy.

Sharon Freshour, Madras, Oregon

Navicular and Degenerative Joint Disease

My 18-year old Irish Thoroughbred has DJD/Navicular. When we were in competition, he would trip frequently and experienced extensive swelling.

After a very short time on Recovery-eq, he has shown a noticeable improvement; his stride is much smoother, he no longer trips and the swelling has been eliminated. Furthermore, the cough he suffers during intense competition has decreased dramatically. We have tried many Veterinary products and Recovery-eq definitely works the best!

Tracy Ramirez, Tampa, Florida

Stifle injury and Lameness

My 11-year old Thoroughbred-Percheron cross is beautiful to look at but has very poor conformation. After eventing for two years, he became lame with a stifle injury. We had him on stall rest for four months and slowly brought him back after that. He was still off and definitely unsound.

After introducing him to Recovery-eq, we have not had one day off; in fact, we upgraded him to Training level at the end of last season and he won both shows!

Lynn Adams, British Columbia

Sacral Injury

Our Thoroughbred seriously injured his sacral bone above his tail after having been improperly shod.

A friend told us about Recovery-eq. We started him on it right away. Our vet was amazed at how fast he healed. Now we use Recovery-eq for preventative measures and he is a completely different horse.

Brenda Sullivan, San Diego, California

Chronic Hock and Back problems

I acquired my horse, Wiseguy, at eleven years of age with both of his hocks very stiff and sore and a sore back from compensating for his hock problems.

Recovery-eq has made a tremendous difference in my horse Wiseguy. At his annual physical after a year on Recovery-eq, the vet was amazed at the difference. His flexion tests were almost normal and his back was no longer sensitive. Recovery-eq has given me a horse I can now jump and compete in dressage. I highly recommend Recovery-eq for other horse owners.

Update October 2003

You are terrific! I thank you and Wiseguy thanks you too. He is the shiniest and healthiest looking horse at any horse show I go to and I have not had a day of lameness with him in 4 years. He has even had a couple of abscesses come through his hoof wall with no indication until the farrier trimmed his feet. I continue to promote your product wholeheartedly.

Valerie Mica, British Columbia

Ankle Swelling after Competition

We have a Dutch Warm-blood mare that was experiencing swelling in her ankles after competition. We would have to wrap her ankles after shows and she required pharmaceutical injections.

Since using Recovery-eq, she is much happier and the swelling has not returned.

Mindy Castaneda, Sherwood Oregon

Hock Swelling and Fatigue

Our Dutch Warmblood, Avenir was an Olympic competitor in his younger days and is a very well received stallion. His bloodline dates back to an era of royalty in the Netherlands. At 22 years old, he would tire easily during shows and has had problems with inflammation in his left-hind hock.

After being on Recovery-eq for only one month, he has shown a marked improvement in his show performances and the post competition/training swelling in his hocks has been eliminated. We will continue using Recovery-eq.

David Black, Onestone Farms, Montesano, Washington

Suspensory Ligament Tear

My six-year-old Thoroughbred James had ripped his suspensory ligament and was going to be put to rest after a great life of racing. My Vet and farrier said that there was no way his injury would repair and he would have problems with his feet and other legs.

After a year on Recovery-eq, James’ feet have never been so hard; he has a shine to his coat and no loss of muscle mass. His leg has not dropped and he is pain-free at a solid walk. Thanks Recovery-eq!

Dee Hodson, British Columbia

Severe Arthritis and Lameness

My 20-year-old Appaloosa mare had severe arthritis. When turned out, she only stood in one spot. I tried numerous supplements with little, if any, relief.

Within the first month of using Recovery-eq, my mare was running through the pasture! Now she feels better, moves with greater ease, reaches out in her stride instead of taking small painful steps, and is more affectionate.

Maureen Morkett, Montana

Chronic Inflammation and Heat

Hyline Paladin is a 20 year old elite Quarter horse who was severely injured as a two year old in England; his tendons above and below both knees were severed. He was stitched up in a lengthy operation, but after three months, his pasterns contracted so much that five Veterinarians recommended euthanasia.

A specialized Veterinarian from New Zealand operated by removing the adhesions that were causing the contractions and scraping and re-splicing the tendons. After a great deal of nursing, he came back to Canada and eventually became an AQHA Champion, CEF Dressage Freestyle Champion and I jumped him; however, he always had swelling below his knees and heat. We used to rub and bandage all four legs daily to keep the swelling down and stocking up.

Within two weeks of taking Recovery-eq, the swelling and heat disappeared. Paladin’s whole personality has changed! He looks and acts more like a contented and happy five year old. He will always be on the medicine Recovery-eq.

Joy Richardson, Langley, British Columbia

Cushing’s syndrome and Laminitis

We have a 17-year-old horse diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome accompanied by reoccurring Laminitis. We had to prepare for possible euthanasia.

After some careful research, we decided to try Recovery-eq along with his diet. I am elated to say that it has been several weeks and our horse is doing fabulous and is full of life. I would highly recommend Recovery-eq.

Mave Drew, BC